• New additions to Garfield

    Looking at the weather forecast on my phone I see: tomorrow – up to 50 km/h wind. Well that isn’t so nice. Especially since we are planning to haul Garfield out of the water and place her in the boathall where we can make further adaptions for our Atlantic crossing. „Bad news“ I tell myContinue reading “New additions to Garfield”

  • Homeward bound

    I speed up some more and some water comes over. My brother, who came onboard with my mother a few days ago, is sitting in the front of our dinghy starts complaining. His T-shirt is soaked. Anyway we nearly arrived at our destination: a small bay on the other side of the island. While heContinue reading “Homeward bound”

  • Heading South

    In the last two weeks we sailed around 400nm. Starting in IJmuiden we made our way to France. First stop: Calais. After 26 hours of sailing we arrived in front of the harbour. We had to announce our arrival on the VHF and were given instructions from the local port control to wait for severalContinue reading “Heading South”

  • Update June 2022

    In the last few months we made quite some progress in preparing Garfield for the Atlantic. The first chapter was changing and extending the electrical system. We replaced the old and heavy leadbatteries by two 200 Ah Lithium batteries. These batteries are a lot lighter, more efficient and can be used upto almost the lastContinue reading “Update June 2022”

  • Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part II)

    On Tuesday we continued our trip to Juelsminde, a small village where we could berth directly in front of the fish shop, where they serve delicious baked fish. Just a few meters further there is also an ice-cream shop. The ice-cream does not only has a great taste, but also a great size! Jummy!! AsContinue reading “Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part II)”

  • Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part I)

    22.7.2021:We left our homeharbor Woudsend at 6 pm and sailed to Stavoren where we spent the night. In Stavoren we found out that our batterycharger was not working. A bad start of the trip, despite of so many preparations. After calling the boatyard  in Den Helder we could book an electrician, who made a provisionalContinue reading “Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part I)”

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