Finally we left!

After years of preparation today is the day. We leave our hometown for 14 months of sailing. We start in the beginning of summer, head south and come back at the end of next summer, which means we basically have 14 months of summer. But 14 months of vacation? I don’t know. There are lots of things to do onboard and it’s not much luxury. I hate doing the dishes (but of course I would never dare to complain about it, haha), we don’t have a washing machine, showers are rare and there’s not much living space. The two of us come along somehow but it won’t always be happy sunshine on board. Suddenly 11 meter aren’t that much anymore. Luckily when provisioning we still managed to get all the food we bought packed away. Though we had to reduce the amount of extra things we bring along (for example clothes ;)).

After our farewell party yesterday where all our friends and family members joined us, today it’s only my mother and brother. The people we’ll probably miss most even though they will come around in the holidays. Never ever have I been separated from them for so long. I do still have my father with me, so it’s not like I’m suddenly utterly alone or anything but it is weird. We both need to learn how to live with each other in all conditions. We need to cook and we are both very lazy chefs. Well, honestly lazy in all household duties. We have to do the dishes regularly, at the latest when there are no left. Washing and cleaning will have to wait as long as possible too. As long as we are able to survive happily the situation it’s totally fine. I don’t see anyone stopping us from living like this. Of course this is just my current prediction. No idea what we might learn this year. Maybe we will be great at housekeeping when we come back.

We are trapped in a corner by the wind, so everyone helps pushing Garfield away. And then we are off. Off to new places, new cultures, new people and loads of new experiences. We wave mum one last time and turn around the corner. Leaving behind my family, friends and the save surroundings of the town I’ve grown up in.

I am hyped for everything the future has waiting for us and can’t wait to see and experience it all.

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