Our new boat!!

During a week sailing in July 2020 from Sabine and Herman, we finally found the boat of our dreams. A week later Herman went to the harbour again to take a detailed look. Then intensive pricenegotians and we have a deal!! We bought a sailing yacht. It’s a Compromis 36, nowadays called C-yacht 1100. Very exciting!!
During our family holiday with a Bavaria 36 at the baltic sea (we already rented this boat before) we had many talks with the broker and the expert who made the boats expertise, to make agreements on work to be done
Now it is the time to think about the new name, as we found Quo Vadis not matching with our ideas. After many days of democratic discussions Annabelle and Herman decided that the boat would be named “Garfield”.
This fits in a row of previous boats called Felix (Compromis 777) and Rakker (Bekebrede Twinsole 700).
Other ideas were:
Vitamine Sea, Sink positive, Aquabelle, Hermine, …

Your Garfield crew

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