Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part II)

On Tuesday we continued our trip to Juelsminde, a small village where we could berth directly in front of the fish shop, where they serve delicious baked fish. Just a few meters further there is also an ice-cream shop. The ice-cream does not only has a great taste, but also a great size! Jummy!!

As we needed to be back in the Netherlands in only 10 days from now, we sailed to Middelfart the next day, where some crewmembers of another boat changed. From now on Tineke is also part of the Mero-crew.

Due to the crewchange we had to stay in Middelfart 2 days, so we continued our trip on Friday. South of Assens, we found a great spot to anchor, very close to the shore,  although the water is quite bumpy. The next day we decided to change our plan. We did want to go back to the north sea, but due to a windy forecast (west 7 Bft), we weren’t able to get home in time. During the whole holiday, we have not been spoiled with great summerly weather. We never had a temperature above 25 degrees, but we hardly had any rain, with few exceptions.

So we sailed to Aeroskobing with quite some heavy showers, which come together with windblasts up to 35 knots from behind. Great sailing for all of us with speeds over 8 knots. Aeroskobing is a nice village on the isle of Aero, where we decided to stay an extra day and enjoy the island. On Monday we sailed to Kappeln, the first city in Germany that we visited, on the entrance of the river Schlei. The next day Sabine, Mia and Victor had to go home, as we had a wedding planned on Saturday and Victors sailing camp will start on Sunday. It was clear that with the actual forecast, it was impossible to be home in time on Friday. Annabelle and Herman sail the boat home on their own over the North Sea back to Woudsend. After saying goodbye to theothers we sailed to Kiel with beautiful wind and sunshine. After passing the locks to the Nord- Ostsee Kanal we ended up in Rendsburg. A long day with 42 Nm sailed. The harbor was full of dutch boats, all waiting for the right weather window to get home before the end of the summer holidays. Also we had to wait another day, as the wind was still blowing with windforce 7 to 8.  It was already Thursday (we wanted to be back on Friday) when we left Rendsburg and sailed the last 40 Nm on the canal and then sailed the last 15 Nm to Cuxhaven on a very bumpy North Sea. We were glad Victor and Sabine are no longer on board, as they would probably have arrived in Cuxhaven with an empty stomach. After enjoying a german schnitzel in Cuxhaven we left the next day at 11.30 am, just before the tide changed in westerly direction. A calm sea was lying ahead of us and we arrived at the Waddenzee between Vlieland and Terschelling the next day at about 2 pm enjoying beautiful sunshine but hardly any wind. At 7 pm we passed the locks at Kornwerd and we reached the Marina in Makkum at about 8.30 pm on Saturday, just before the sun went down. Another 33 hours of sailing also through the night were lying behind us.

On Sunday we woke up with rain, which accompanied us until we reached our home marina in Woudsend around 1.30 pm.

Tired but satisfied we look back at a 32 days summer holiday trip. Garfield did a great job and brought us home safely after sailing 913 Nm. Our first long trip was successful!

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