Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part II)

On Tuesday we continued our trip to Juelsminde, a small village where we could berth directly in front of the fish shop, where they serve delicious baked fish. Just a few meters further there is also an ice-cream shop. The ice-cream does not only has a great taste, but also a great size! Jummy!! AsContinue reading “Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part II)”

Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part I)

22.7.2021:We left our homeharbor Woudsend at 6 pm and sailed to Stavoren where we spent the night. In Stavoren we found out that our batterycharger was not working. A bad start of the trip, despite of so many preparations. After calling the boatyard  in Den Helder we could book an electrician, who made a provisionalContinue reading “Summerholiday to the Limfjord (part I)”

Annabelle’s first Atlantic crossing

After returning from a week sailing in October in Friesland, the Netherlands, I first heard about Laura Dekkers (youngest girl ever, who made a solo cirumnavigation) new plan. While sailing around the world, she learned so much and now she wants to pass these life lessons on. I was immediately interested. Soon she answered myContinue reading “Annabelle’s first Atlantic crossing”