Eastervacation 2021

We used the good weather past week and drove to Garfield. We started early on Wednesday cleaning the mast and settting the mast back on the boat. Next we had to put the sails up again, but we chose a good day with calm winds so it wasn’t a big problem. Only the construction wasn’t that handsome and one piece fell inside the mast and it took a lot of patience to get it out again but we succeeded!
Thursday we installed a infrared heating picture as addition to our gas heater while are in a harbour. After we were finished we sailed to Sneek where we got new curtains and had lunch. We headed into the city, got some groceries and had another appointment for lithium batteries on board. Friday we sailed to Rimare where we got a new chart plotter and an AIS transponder. In the evening we continued sailing to Heeg. Saturday we returned home after a nice last morning of sailing so we were able to celebrate Easter at home with the whole family.

Your Garfield crew

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