Officially Garfield!

March 20 was the day: We finally changed the old shipsname Quo Vadis into Garfield!

An old friend of Herman who runs an advertising agency designed the new logo for Garfield.
Annabelle had a lot of work to remove the old name, as this was on the boat probably since the beginning, which was 22 years ago….
We also renewed the 4 Compromis 36 Class logos on the boat.
Now the boat is looking as good as new, as we did not only changed the name but also polished and waxed the whole hull and painted the underwatership with new antifouling. We also used the occasion to change the oil in the saildrive and repaint the saildrive with fresh primer and antifouling. We were quite surprised and and a little disappointed to see that the saildrive had been painted completely with normal antifouling (so not suitable for aluminium) including the anode and the oil screw.

After two hard days of work the boat is ready to get back into the water.
Next week we will replace the mast with partly new rigging and a new mainsail!
We are almost ready for summer!

Your Garfield crew

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